Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's been a while!

It has been a while since I last posted on the blog. Pictons new home is almost complete, just needs a coat of paint and I will prepare to move the layout down from Moss Vale. It will be good to have Picton here at home as for the last three months I have not touched it!

I would like to thank John, from the Illawarra group for the invite to help run Waterfall during the Liverpool exhibition. I have not operated a layout at an exhibition since Bowral in the 90's and it was great to get a few of my models out of the cupboard and give them a run on such a well presented prototypical layout. Once again thanks.

One thing that I have recently learnt is that reading model railway forums is a sure way to increase your blood pressure! After Liverpool I was reading through forums discussing the exhibition and I could not believe some of the garbage coming off people’s finger tips. It seems there are too many critics! I thought it was one of the best exhibitions I have been to and for all those that build, transport and operate their layouts for an entire weekend I thank you. In my opinion modelling railways is a hobby and people can build and operate layouts however they choose!

On a different note I have been building HCX 1770/1765 along with a Rub set. Because I don't read forums anymore I have found myself in a jam. Can anyone help me with the livery carried by either one of these HCXs during 1955? Were they still Tuscan and russet and if so how far back did the russet go down along the guard’s compartment or were they all Indian red during that year? In regards to the RUB cars I still don't know what colour to paint them either. I have a 38 painted in it's original green but am unsure if it would have still been green while the RUB cars where in lined Indian red? I have been searching through all of my books but have been struggling with a lot of black and white non dated photos. Any help would be great!

Anyway that will do for another three months. Back to flicking through books.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Moving Foward????

The Prime Ministers moving forward campaign is just not catching on within my residence. Everything, rather than moving forward seems to go sideways. The half built models on the bench a pushed sideways as the light bulb in my head thinks of something else that unnecessarily really should be started immediately.

The missus and I took a drive over to Canberra on Saturday so as I could sit on chairs, out side of change rooms at multiple women’s clothing shops, trying not to look suspect. I know that would almost complete any bloke’s weekend but before that we had a look at the Malkara exhibition.

What an exhibition it was! There was a heap to see! RC cars being launched into the stratosphere, rc boats that fired ball bearings and of course trains. The Illawarra club had bought along their layout "Waterfall." I have never seen this layout before but was most impressed. It is well finished, the buildings exceptional and the guys running it were friendly. On the layout sits a 60ft sellers turntable. At the sight of that turntable another one of my in progress jobs had just been pushed right. I have recently built a sellers turntable for Picton and while I was happy with it, seeing Waterfalls planted the seed to improve mine.

In my opinion it is seeing the work of other modellers that improves your own skills. I don't mind rebuilding things as that's why the hobby is so appealing. Blogs like these have opened my eyes to things I didn't know about, egP87 and modelling conventions. I have to say sorry to anyone reading this blog as it probably won't help you at all but in writing this maybe my layouts progress is not all sideways. It will have to make it better in the long run and I think that is moving forward, maybe just.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Layouts New Home

Well the dog has grown tired of me sharing his house, so I have decided to build my own. This is where the layout will live, the main section on the long wall with the dog bones positioned opposite. Once the shed has been completed, I will be able to make a lot more progress as working on it will not involve any travelling.

With the new shed will come the chance to run the first train. I still have another dog bone to build but I am really looking forward to wiring it up and giving the computer control software a run. I have been busy over the past year writing commands and drawing the CTC control panel. The aim is to have a touch screen monitor displaying the track diagram and with a touch on the relevant point icon the switch machine will fire up and re-route the train.  Without running a train so far it has not been proven and I am sure there will be many bugs to iron out and a lot of hair to be removed. The layout will, I am sure be renamed a few times with an assortment of much more colourful titles .

Anyway I will leave it there for now, before I start boring everyone with gigabytes and flux capacitors.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In Trouble

Something I have learnt! Women and the PSM 38 class are like oil and water. After they find out how much it cost, the two are more like diesel and fertiliser! Just had an uncontrollable explosion! Wish I bought a heated mat for the dogs kennel as well!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weathering? Or perhaps it should be called random painting mistakes!

Here are a few models that will eventullay grace the rails of pint size Picton. I tend to built a model. When I say "a" model it really means just one. I buy a few kits of the one type then spend a million hours on the first one then thats it! I really need to start a production line or else Picton will unfortunatly only see mixed trains. In amongst my half built 40 class, scratch built container wagons, RUB set, 900 class railmotor, D.O.T and all the other rubbish on my desk these few seemed to come out the other end.

Less writing on the blog and more sticking my fingers together.


Auscision NGPF backdated to NGTY and re-painted.

Silvermaz WTY. This is the only one I have turned out so far. I built a brass walkway using some etched mesh and 1mm strip. It looks alot better than the supplied plastic one but takes a few hours to construct.

Minimodels MLV. I have already damaged all the truss rods underneath. The arguement that detailing models makes them to frangile is quite valid. Back to the work bench for this one.

Modified TOR Steel S truck. I have another two packs to do. Maybe one day.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My first Blog

This is my first Blog. It is centered around a HO Scale layout I am currently building closely based on Picton era 1955. I have been working on the layout for around two years and after all this time I am still laying track. My aim is to eventually exhibit the layout but by judging my progress, that will not be happening for a long time! The Layout is ten metres long with a set of dogbones at each end. These dogbones will also act as the fiddleyards. I am using Peco code 83 track. I decided to use this track as the number 8 points are quite large, easily made live and look quite good. After finding a blog called "Picton" and visiting a US proto 87 website as the blog suggested I was blown away by the track they were producing. I ended up buying a whole heap of fishplates and other detail items so as to spruce up the Peco track a little. Thanks Rob (Picton)
I have decided to go with an overly complicated control method, just so it takes me longer!

Because the layout is realistically a continuous single track due to the dogbones I am using CTI software and hardware to computer control the whole layout. I have already written alot of code in anticipation and have found this extremely interesting which has added yet another dimension to model railways.
At the moment I have been laying the track for the loco depot. Today I moved the turntable into a more accurate position and my eyes are full of saw dust.
Anyway I will leave it there for now.

60 Ft Sellers Turntable.

I have a picture of 4201 on a trial run to Picton during 1955 so I thought I would do my own trial with a new addition. I will have to remove that coupler though!

Heaps of work to do here!

Relocated turntable. It's previous position (track running over it) blanked.

Looking towards Sydney. I still have one more module to build.