Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In Trouble

Something I have learnt! Women and the PSM 38 class are like oil and water. After they find out how much it cost, the two are more like diesel and fertiliser! Just had an uncontrollable explosion! Wish I bought a heated mat for the dogs kennel as well!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weathering? Or perhaps it should be called random painting mistakes!

Here are a few models that will eventullay grace the rails of pint size Picton. I tend to built a model. When I say "a" model it really means just one. I buy a few kits of the one type then spend a million hours on the first one then thats it! I really need to start a production line or else Picton will unfortunatly only see mixed trains. In amongst my half built 40 class, scratch built container wagons, RUB set, 900 class railmotor, D.O.T and all the other rubbish on my desk these few seemed to come out the other end.

Less writing on the blog and more sticking my fingers together.


Auscision NGPF backdated to NGTY and re-painted.

Silvermaz WTY. This is the only one I have turned out so far. I built a brass walkway using some etched mesh and 1mm strip. It looks alot better than the supplied plastic one but takes a few hours to construct.

Minimodels MLV. I have already damaged all the truss rods underneath. The arguement that detailing models makes them to frangile is quite valid. Back to the work bench for this one.

Modified TOR Steel S truck. I have another two packs to do. Maybe one day.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My first Blog

This is my first Blog. It is centered around a HO Scale layout I am currently building closely based on Picton era 1955. I have been working on the layout for around two years and after all this time I am still laying track. My aim is to eventually exhibit the layout but by judging my progress, that will not be happening for a long time! The Layout is ten metres long with a set of dogbones at each end. These dogbones will also act as the fiddleyards. I am using Peco code 83 track. I decided to use this track as the number 8 points are quite large, easily made live and look quite good. After finding a blog called "Picton" and visiting a US proto 87 website as the blog suggested I was blown away by the track they were producing. I ended up buying a whole heap of fishplates and other detail items so as to spruce up the Peco track a little. Thanks Rob (Picton)
I have decided to go with an overly complicated control method, just so it takes me longer!

Because the layout is realistically a continuous single track due to the dogbones I am using CTI software and hardware to computer control the whole layout. I have already written alot of code in anticipation and have found this extremely interesting which has added yet another dimension to model railways.
At the moment I have been laying the track for the loco depot. Today I moved the turntable into a more accurate position and my eyes are full of saw dust.
Anyway I will leave it there for now.

60 Ft Sellers Turntable.

I have a picture of 4201 on a trial run to Picton during 1955 so I thought I would do my own trial with a new addition. I will have to remove that coupler though!

Heaps of work to do here!

Relocated turntable. It's previous position (track running over it) blanked.

Looking towards Sydney. I still have one more module to build.