Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My first Blog

This is my first Blog. It is centered around a HO Scale layout I am currently building closely based on Picton era 1955. I have been working on the layout for around two years and after all this time I am still laying track. My aim is to eventually exhibit the layout but by judging my progress, that will not be happening for a long time! The Layout is ten metres long with a set of dogbones at each end. These dogbones will also act as the fiddleyards. I am using Peco code 83 track. I decided to use this track as the number 8 points are quite large, easily made live and look quite good. After finding a blog called "Picton" and visiting a US proto 87 website as the blog suggested I was blown away by the track they were producing. I ended up buying a whole heap of fishplates and other detail items so as to spruce up the Peco track a little. Thanks Rob (Picton)
I have decided to go with an overly complicated control method, just so it takes me longer!

Because the layout is realistically a continuous single track due to the dogbones I am using CTI software and hardware to computer control the whole layout. I have already written alot of code in anticipation and have found this extremely interesting which has added yet another dimension to model railways.
At the moment I have been laying the track for the loco depot. Today I moved the turntable into a more accurate position and my eyes are full of saw dust.
Anyway I will leave it there for now.

60 Ft Sellers Turntable.

I have a picture of 4201 on a trial run to Picton during 1955 so I thought I would do my own trial with a new addition. I will have to remove that coupler though!

Heaps of work to do here!

Relocated turntable. It's previous position (track running over it) blanked.

Looking towards Sydney. I still have one more module to build.

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  1. Lynton,
    You've made a lot of progress there. Those #8 points do look impressive...good choice. I'm looking forward to watching your progress and I'm sure we'll be able to swap information as we go along.
    Great Stuff,