Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weathering? Or perhaps it should be called random painting mistakes!

Here are a few models that will eventullay grace the rails of pint size Picton. I tend to built a model. When I say "a" model it really means just one. I buy a few kits of the one type then spend a million hours on the first one then thats it! I really need to start a production line or else Picton will unfortunatly only see mixed trains. In amongst my half built 40 class, scratch built container wagons, RUB set, 900 class railmotor, D.O.T and all the other rubbish on my desk these few seemed to come out the other end.

Less writing on the blog and more sticking my fingers together.


Auscision NGPF backdated to NGTY and re-painted.

Silvermaz WTY. This is the only one I have turned out so far. I built a brass walkway using some etched mesh and 1mm strip. It looks alot better than the supplied plastic one but takes a few hours to construct.

Minimodels MLV. I have already damaged all the truss rods underneath. The arguement that detailing models makes them to frangile is quite valid. Back to the work bench for this one.

Modified TOR Steel S truck. I have another two packs to do. Maybe one day.


  1. Looking Good Lynton, Nice and subtle weathering, particularly the NGTY. With the TOR S, did you dismantle it first or put the break gear on in-situ. BTW it looks so much better with the brake gear rather than clear daylight underneath....good stuff.

  2. G'day Rob,

    No I didn't dismantle the s trucks. I soldered the triangle shaped rodding together, drilled holes in the brake shoes and assembled it in situ. The triangles have an extension heading towards the underhung brake gear but are not joined so as to remove the wheels if needed. I only really added the basic brake gear with no safety straps or main brake pipe. With the next batch I think I will go all out, maybe? How is Picton going? Anymore track laid? The proto 87 website you mentioned was great! I bought a heap of the sargent couplers. I don't think the cycle will ever end with modelling? First it was replacing everything with KD's and now I could do the same thing using these things!



  3. Hi Linton,
    Things have been slow due to work...grrrrr. And you're right, the cycle never ends, that's why this hobby is the best.