Saturday, August 7, 2010

Moving Foward????

The Prime Ministers moving forward campaign is just not catching on within my residence. Everything, rather than moving forward seems to go sideways. The half built models on the bench a pushed sideways as the light bulb in my head thinks of something else that unnecessarily really should be started immediately.

The missus and I took a drive over to Canberra on Saturday so as I could sit on chairs, out side of change rooms at multiple women’s clothing shops, trying not to look suspect. I know that would almost complete any bloke’s weekend but before that we had a look at the Malkara exhibition.

What an exhibition it was! There was a heap to see! RC cars being launched into the stratosphere, rc boats that fired ball bearings and of course trains. The Illawarra club had bought along their layout "Waterfall." I have never seen this layout before but was most impressed. It is well finished, the buildings exceptional and the guys running it were friendly. On the layout sits a 60ft sellers turntable. At the sight of that turntable another one of my in progress jobs had just been pushed right. I have recently built a sellers turntable for Picton and while I was happy with it, seeing Waterfalls planted the seed to improve mine.

In my opinion it is seeing the work of other modellers that improves your own skills. I don't mind rebuilding things as that's why the hobby is so appealing. Blogs like these have opened my eyes to things I didn't know about, egP87 and modelling conventions. I have to say sorry to anyone reading this blog as it probably won't help you at all but in writing this maybe my layouts progress is not all sideways. It will have to make it better in the long run and I think that is moving forward, maybe just.


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