Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's been a while!

It has been a while since I last posted on the blog. Pictons new home is almost complete, just needs a coat of paint and I will prepare to move the layout down from Moss Vale. It will be good to have Picton here at home as for the last three months I have not touched it!

I would like to thank John, from the Illawarra group for the invite to help run Waterfall during the Liverpool exhibition. I have not operated a layout at an exhibition since Bowral in the 90's and it was great to get a few of my models out of the cupboard and give them a run on such a well presented prototypical layout. Once again thanks.

One thing that I have recently learnt is that reading model railway forums is a sure way to increase your blood pressure! After Liverpool I was reading through forums discussing the exhibition and I could not believe some of the garbage coming off people’s finger tips. It seems there are too many critics! I thought it was one of the best exhibitions I have been to and for all those that build, transport and operate their layouts for an entire weekend I thank you. In my opinion modelling railways is a hobby and people can build and operate layouts however they choose!

On a different note I have been building HCX 1770/1765 along with a Rub set. Because I don't read forums anymore I have found myself in a jam. Can anyone help me with the livery carried by either one of these HCXs during 1955? Were they still Tuscan and russet and if so how far back did the russet go down along the guard’s compartment or were they all Indian red during that year? In regards to the RUB cars I still don't know what colour to paint them either. I have a 38 painted in it's original green but am unsure if it would have still been green while the RUB cars where in lined Indian red? I have been searching through all of my books but have been struggling with a lot of black and white non dated photos. Any help would be great!

Anyway that will do for another three months. Back to flicking through books.