Monday, February 21, 2011

Action in Picton

I finished painting a 32 today so I thought I would make up a train and sit in on the layout. I don't know how people like James McInerney and the like take photos of such great quality. Mine are always terrible!

If anybody out there knows of a good Humbrol brew for Tuscan as well as Russet could you please let me know. I think I will be able to change my Indian red mixture to suit Tuscan but the Russet is a mystery. I like to use Humbrol paints purely because I have made less mistakes with them in the past.

Anyway I have to get back to installing power to the shed.

Have a great day.

3208 assists train engine 5592 on to the viaduct for the battle south out of Picton.
Not sure if the Mortein building is authentic?


  1. Linto

    See my blog at :
    for an explanation of how I take model photographs.

    Ray P

  2. G'day Linton :)

    Unfortunately there is no easy way to learn to take good model photos. Its taken me over 30 years and lots of practice (you should see the pile of discards!) But, basically, the keys are good lighting, using the AV setting on your camera with the f stop set to the smallest apeture (highest number) the camera will take, using a tripod or resting it on something solid so it doesn't move during the exposure and not getting in too close so that depth-of-field is a problem. Btw, the HCX look fabulous and, for your period, it will have to be Tuscan and russet!

  3. Hi James,

    I guess it's a good thing experimenting in the digital camera age! I suppose when you were learning it would have been quite expensive with film, development and even cameras.

    Thanks for the tips though. Your layout photos are always impressive. I will probably have to buy a better camera, one that is a little more flexible.

    Oh no! I have been trying to con myself into a indian red colour scheme for the HCX. I will just bite the bullet and start mixing some colours.

    Can I just confirm with you? The russet surrounded only the passenger compartment windows, gaurds access and luggage compartment windows. It was not applied to any of the panelling between the passenger area and gaurds compartments. Have I got that right?

    Once again thanks for your help with the HCX. It has been a very interesting project.