Sunday, February 13, 2011

Things are happening, just very slowly!

It's been ages since I have posted on the blog. Things have been progressing slowly and with a looming career and locality change  I am sure that progression will come to a complete stop very soon.

I have still been working on track laying particularly setting the track on baseboard joins. I have been using 3 x 12 mm brass bar stock as a base to secure the PCB sleepers. The sleepers are secured using 10 BA screws and then the rail soldered. It seems to be working well even giving possible fine adjustment of track alignment.

A million tools laying around but no work happening.

Right hand side return loop.

Return loop folded. Just needs to be secured to the wall now.
I was able to shuttle a train up and down the other day. I think it gave me a little encouragement as it was very pleasing to see something actually happening on the layout. I now understand why many layouts never make it to a finished state. They are huge projects and I am now beginning to realise that blogs and forums are a good means to have someone Else's ideas and experiences accessible, especially when you your working solo and perhaps wearing blinkers.

Anyway I have to get back to sanding window seals off first class RUB car sides. The RUB set has been quite involved with the milling of all windows so as to glaze them as flush as possible. More on that next time.

So long,


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