Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why I have been annoying people with painting questions.

As I sit here in my very lonely Cootamundra hotel room, I thought I would throw a new post on this here blog so as to fill in a little time. I am sure I have been annoying a few people with all my questions on passenger car colour schemes and humbrol paint mixes but it has almost reached the time for my to bite the bullet and spray some paint. I have a few more detail pieces to build and trial fit before I wreck the whole thing with a crappy paint job.

The HCX is a Hawksmoor (I think that's how it is spelt?) kit to which I have removed a few parts and then added a few more back. Using photos I took of HCX 1772 stored up in Dorrigo I added underfloor detailing and built up new running boards as the moulded boards to not have a gap between them and the car sides. Having almost completed the HCX I do now wish I had built a new floor as it would have been nice to capture all the bracing detail. All I need to do now is modify a set of AR bogies by aligning the brake shoes and detailing the ends. The paint job is for me the trickiest bit. I will attempt to paint it in lined Tuscan and Russet. If that doesn't work it may be bought forward in time a decade and painted Indian red.

Anyway I would like to thank James McInerney for all his help with the historical and colour scheme data. With out the help I wouldn't have known what type of HCX it was and what it was suppose to look like colour wise.

HCX almost finished. Finally!!
Thanks, now back to chasing grass hoppers out of my room.



  1. Nice bit of under body detail Linton.

    Hawksmoor? Doesn't it say IDR under there?

    Ray P

  2. Thanks Ray.

    Yeah I am not sure what brand it is? I bought it from Casula Hobbies a while ago and was sure it had a Hawksmoor cardboard top. I am probably wrong though. IDR most certainly cast the parts though!


  3. IDR used to cast a lot of the Hawksmoor range (which is Joe's 'house' brand and only available through Casula Hobbies). I don't know what the situation is now, with Ian having opened his own shop, but I will endeavour to find out!

  4. Nice work Linton, should look good when painted up. Good to see the progress you're making on the layout.