Thursday, April 28, 2011

Painting! What a nightmare!

Well it has been a while since I posted anything on this blog. Between tripping from north to south NSW I have found a little time in between to make three attempts at painting the HCX. The first two did not make it past the lining colour coat. I tried using a different thinner. Note to self, try painting a test piece before buggering your model. Anyway the third attempt has emerged satisfactory. I am by no means a painter. I really do hate painting anything other than dirty freight wagon grey. I bought a Graphos lining pen from EBay hoping that it would make all my lining worries disappear. After just having purchased a Howard Smith painted model it inspired me to have a go with the pen. The way he uses the lining pen is absolutely amazing. His paint jobs are just so good. Unfortunately I could not coax the paint from mine so lining with magic tape was my only option. I could not get the lining as fine as that done with a pen but all in all I am happy with the result.

I am going to see Howard tomorrow so maybe he can give me a few little tips as there are a couple of fiddly bits of lining still to apply.

Paint colours? Well I have been asking around for quite a while. I ended up using Humbrol paints mixed to create what I thought were good representations of Tuscan and Russet. I used a colour photo of a dogbox car contained within one of the "Time of the Passenger Train" books. I had what I thought was a good colour then compared that to the book. The books photo showed it as a slightly creamy colour compared to mine so I lightened it up. After spraying the model I flicked over to a photo of a new RUB set. The Russet on the RUB set was a lot darker and more like my original mixed colour. I don't know which colour is more correct. You can never really tell with photos. What I do know though is that Raileys Russet is a long way off!

I do think mine is a little pale as it does not contrast against the buff lining as well as I would have liked. As for the Tuscan, who knows? It looks ok to me but I could be colour blind!

I have included a picture of HCX 1772 nearing completion. I have a few more hand rails to add, glazing, couplers, interior, decals (god knows where they are?) and a little weathering to go.

I don't suppose anyone out there knows where I can find a set of DEAN bogies? The prototype was so fitted and I would love to have the correct bogies fitted to the model also.

That’s enough rambling. Hopefully next time I write here, in a non-literate manner the model will be finished.