Thursday, April 28, 2011

Painting! What a nightmare!

Well it has been a while since I posted anything on this blog. Between tripping from north to south NSW I have found a little time in between to make three attempts at painting the HCX. The first two did not make it past the lining colour coat. I tried using a different thinner. Note to self, try painting a test piece before buggering your model. Anyway the third attempt has emerged satisfactory. I am by no means a painter. I really do hate painting anything other than dirty freight wagon grey. I bought a Graphos lining pen from EBay hoping that it would make all my lining worries disappear. After just having purchased a Howard Smith painted model it inspired me to have a go with the pen. The way he uses the lining pen is absolutely amazing. His paint jobs are just so good. Unfortunately I could not coax the paint from mine so lining with magic tape was my only option. I could not get the lining as fine as that done with a pen but all in all I am happy with the result.

I am going to see Howard tomorrow so maybe he can give me a few little tips as there are a couple of fiddly bits of lining still to apply.

Paint colours? Well I have been asking around for quite a while. I ended up using Humbrol paints mixed to create what I thought were good representations of Tuscan and Russet. I used a colour photo of a dogbox car contained within one of the "Time of the Passenger Train" books. I had what I thought was a good colour then compared that to the book. The books photo showed it as a slightly creamy colour compared to mine so I lightened it up. After spraying the model I flicked over to a photo of a new RUB set. The Russet on the RUB set was a lot darker and more like my original mixed colour. I don't know which colour is more correct. You can never really tell with photos. What I do know though is that Raileys Russet is a long way off!

I do think mine is a little pale as it does not contrast against the buff lining as well as I would have liked. As for the Tuscan, who knows? It looks ok to me but I could be colour blind!

I have included a picture of HCX 1772 nearing completion. I have a few more hand rails to add, glazing, couplers, interior, decals (god knows where they are?) and a little weathering to go.

I don't suppose anyone out there knows where I can find a set of DEAN bogies? The prototype was so fitted and I would love to have the correct bogies fitted to the model also.

That’s enough rambling. Hopefully next time I write here, in a non-literate manner the model will be finished.


  1. Looking very good Linton! Your Tuscan looks just about spot on to me and the russet is very close for a 'faded' russet (a little 'browner' and it would be spot on). NSWGR Russet started out with a distinct rich green hue, but quickly faded to a 'browner' shade, which is why photos can be confusing. I'm nonplussed by your reference to Dean bogies under HCX 1772 though. The only ordinary 'dogbox' cars that used Dean bogies were the first class high semi-elliptical roofed BX cars built to contract 18/11 (Nos 1714 to 1728) 6/12 (various numbers between 107 and 929) 5/13 (799, 815, 1837-39), 33/13 (1945-54) and 22/14 (2045-49). HCX 1772 was fitted with 2AD bogies, which may still be available from Ian Lindsay Models.

  2. G'day James,

    Thanks for the comments James. I am not quite as happy with it as what I would like to have been. I can't believe I modified the russet mix right before I sprayed it. I think my original, non toned down mix was a lot better. Oh well you learn from your mistakes ha ha. Hopefully I can get it closer on the RUB set. I have no idea where I got the DEAN bogie requirement from. I thought I had read it somewhere, god knows? 2AD it is. I will give Ian a call and see what he has in stock.
    I had a good chat to Howard Smith this afternoon about how to use lining pens. I will have a go at adding some of the lining above the guards door as well as perhaps touching up a few things. Fingers crossed I don't mess it up.

    Once again thanks for you help.


  3. Hi Linton,
    As James has said, the tuscan looks very good. I used to use a mix of Floquil Tuscan Red and SP Daylight orange that was passable but this was before there was decent NSWGR paint available.