Sunday, May 22, 2011

More Painting Adventures

Hi Everyone,

For the past week I have been working on a Trax 13 class that has been sitting in the cupboard for a while. The requirement for the little tank loco comes from its prototype use on Pictons loop line hauling a mixed goods with HCX in tow. From the photos I have available it seems 1307 & 1311 spent much of their time in Picton during the fifties. As I already have a 13 numbered 1307 I thought now would be a good time to paint and number the spare, 1311. The problem with painting 1311 along with most of the class is that they are lined around tanks and cab. I have never lined a steam loco before and the task was somewhat daunting.

I have been playing around with my Graphos pen quite a bit lately and after talking with Howard Smith have found a little success with it. After etch priming the model and spraying black, I set to work on painting a few lines. Luckily Howard told me he uses acrylics to line with as they can be wiped off if a mistake is made. Well the first attempt relied heavily on Howards theory as I raced time in removing the shonky lining from an expensive brass loco. I was unsure how I was going to complete the painting task so sat on it for a few days. The second attempt involved a little more planning along with a few ruling shapes made up. I have to say that lining with a pen is very fast. I think the loco was lined in about half an hour and I didn't have pieces of decal stuck at random angles on the model.
I am overall happy with the result though I think the corner radius may be a little large?
Now for a little numbering, weathering (mainly to hide the mistakes) and to add pickups to the mech. I am looking forward to having the 13 run on Picton, one day!!!!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lighting and Colours

I thought I would throw up a different photo of the HCX. The last photo taken was photographed under a fluro lamp. I was looking at the HCX the other day in natural light and was amazed at how much better the Russet colour appeared.

As I don't often get home before the sun goes down I thought I would take another photo under a more natural light. Here it is. I think it looks alot better but then I could be wrong.

The Humbrol Mix for the Tuscan and Russet,

Tuscan - 3 x 100
            1 x 10
            2 x 124
            0.5 x 20

You can play around with the quantities of 124 and 20 so as to get either a more red colour or more purple colour.

I have used a similar mixture for indian red. From memory I think it was about 0.5 x 124.

Russet - 3 x 83
             1 x 26
             1 x 148

Maybe someone can have a fiddle and fine tune these mixtures a little. I tend to adjust them slightly as I go most of the time.

Anyway now all I have to do is finish the the HCX and get my 13 class running properly.

That's all for now,


HCX Nearing Completion