Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lighting and Colours

I thought I would throw up a different photo of the HCX. The last photo taken was photographed under a fluro lamp. I was looking at the HCX the other day in natural light and was amazed at how much better the Russet colour appeared.

As I don't often get home before the sun goes down I thought I would take another photo under a more natural light. Here it is. I think it looks alot better but then I could be wrong.

The Humbrol Mix for the Tuscan and Russet,

Tuscan - 3 x 100
            1 x 10
            2 x 124
            0.5 x 20

You can play around with the quantities of 124 and 20 so as to get either a more red colour or more purple colour.

I have used a similar mixture for indian red. From memory I think it was about 0.5 x 124.

Russet - 3 x 83
             1 x 26
             1 x 148

Maybe someone can have a fiddle and fine tune these mixtures a little. I tend to adjust them slightly as I go most of the time.

Anyway now all I have to do is finish the the HCX and get my 13 class running properly.

That's all for now,


HCX Nearing Completion


  1. G'day Linton,
    Amazing how much difference the lighting makes. The tuscan looks even closer now to the right shade and the russet looks good too. Thanks for posting your mixture as well. I'll let you know how I go

    Talk to you later,

  2. Hey Rob,

    Yeah it is! I think the fluro light over the model just made it too pale looking. It's a funny colour. The light seems to make a huge difference to it. Maybe that's why its hard to find decent/consistent prototype photo's of it?

    Yeah have a play and see how you go.


  3. I'm with Rob. The different lighting makes a big difference to the 'tone' of the russet. Better make sure the layout has the right 'mix' of lighting now! Looking forward to seeing the model complete and weathered!