Sunday, May 22, 2011

More Painting Adventures

Hi Everyone,

For the past week I have been working on a Trax 13 class that has been sitting in the cupboard for a while. The requirement for the little tank loco comes from its prototype use on Pictons loop line hauling a mixed goods with HCX in tow. From the photos I have available it seems 1307 & 1311 spent much of their time in Picton during the fifties. As I already have a 13 numbered 1307 I thought now would be a good time to paint and number the spare, 1311. The problem with painting 1311 along with most of the class is that they are lined around tanks and cab. I have never lined a steam loco before and the task was somewhat daunting.

I have been playing around with my Graphos pen quite a bit lately and after talking with Howard Smith have found a little success with it. After etch priming the model and spraying black, I set to work on painting a few lines. Luckily Howard told me he uses acrylics to line with as they can be wiped off if a mistake is made. Well the first attempt relied heavily on Howards theory as I raced time in removing the shonky lining from an expensive brass loco. I was unsure how I was going to complete the painting task so sat on it for a few days. The second attempt involved a little more planning along with a few ruling shapes made up. I have to say that lining with a pen is very fast. I think the loco was lined in about half an hour and I didn't have pieces of decal stuck at random angles on the model.
I am overall happy with the result though I think the corner radius may be a little large?
Now for a little numbering, weathering (mainly to hide the mistakes) and to add pickups to the mech. I am looking forward to having the 13 run on Picton, one day!!!!



  1. Looking good Linton! Excellent effort for a first attempt and I don't think the corner radius is too large at all (they varied depending on who painted the loco and yours is well within the range of variations I have seen in photos). Put it back together and post a photo!

  2. Thanks James! I am glad you think the radius is fine as I have been second guessing it.
    Putting it back together again? The knee bones connected to the???? They are fiddly little things these 13's ha ha.

  3. Very nice Linton. It will be good to see 1307 and 1311 sitting in Picton shed once again.

  4. Hey Rob,

    Thanks for the comments. Yes it will be great to see the locos sitting in the shed. Just have to build the shed but first I had better get on building the layout! One day maybe. ha ha. How is the other Picton going?

  5. Picton is moving slowly but surely. As a wise manager once said to me, "Going forward, we need to take a few steps back" I have tried to apply this wisdom to everytrhing I do including Model Railways :-)
    Anyway, it's the getting there, not the destination that's important