Sunday, June 19, 2011


Well I have had a little time on my hands lately as my roster allowed me a full week off! I made the most of the long weekend and on Saturday took a drive up to Sydney so as to check out the Epping show. Without disrespecting any other exhibits, my main reason for heading up was to see Bowen Creek in the flesh.

Well I am so glad I made the effort as the layout is superb! I remember being blown away by Beyond Bulliac shown at a Bowral exhibition years ago. This was once again another one of those moments yet at the same time it dawned on me that the bar has been raised just that bit higher! Thanks Andrew for sharing your work and it was a pleasure meeting you.

I have to thank my missus for pointing out the second hand store whilst at the exhibition. I think as soon as we walked along the benches she regretted it as I ended up buying a Eureka T/R CPH for $310.00. Please don't tell me Ron was selling them for $300 ha ha!

I really enjoyed the exhibition although I have one complaint. Why can't people just hold a fart until they are out of the crowd? I was crop dusted so many times! I am sure I saw a sausage sizzle and not a Mexican stand out the front of the place! Danielle thinks model railroaders must have baked beans stacked to the ceiling.

Well with the rest of my days I did some modelling. I am still working out how to glaze the HCX so it has just been sitting in the cupboard. I have finished painting 1311, all but the final clear coat. I am happy with the 13 and it runs so well. One thing I would love to do is to replace the wheels on the front bogie. They really do look like steam rollers in relation to the tiny locomotive! If anybody has done this I would love to know where you bought the wheels.

The other little project I started was the Andian LWW well wagon. Wow! This is kit building. I love soldering things together. It's so much better than using girly plastic and glue ha ha. Melting stuff, setting the bench on fire, breathing all the good fumes in, what else could be better! I have to say it is a challenging kit but very well, pardon the pun, worth it. I did stray a little from the instructions however. I built the sides and fitted them before I added all the fine detail. Although it is not yet finished I think it is a better way of building it as the sides do take a bit of heat to fit up and I didn't want to chase all the tiny detail items around as they fell off. The bogies were the worst part to build for me. I ended up soldering one side of the bolster and fitting the other side with a 10ba screw. You have to experiment a little so as to keep the bolster centred.
Still a few pieces to add but an interesting model to build!

The 10Ba screw needs shortening but I think it's better than a  fully soldered bogie.

Does anybody know how the handbrakes actuated the brake shoes? I want to add a little more detail but am unsure what they looked like in detail. Maybe a stupid question but did these wagons have air operated brakes or was the brake pipe solely connecting the rest of the train to the air?

Anyway have to go and stay up to date on the stupid debate regarding four wheel tank cars. What a load of rubbish! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and modelling preferences. When did model railways turn into an episode of the circle? Maybe it's always been like this or maybe I have just not noticed because I was actually building model trains!

So long,



  1. Likewise Linton,
    And thanks for holding BC in such company as Beyond Bulliac. Its a huge compliment.

  2. Linton

    This wagon apparently had two completely separate braking systems for each bogie as the low 'belly' did not allow for a traditional single system. As for the hand brakes, sorry can't help with that one. I will also probable go for the 'BA solution' with the bogies as well, I have heard from others that they are a challenge.


  3. Hi Gary,

    Yeah I would love to know what the braking set up looks like. Good luck with the build and I am sorry about how long it has taken for me to reply.