Friday, August 12, 2011

Grass Roots

Whilst testing track clearances for the dog bone sections on the layout my Uncle, Mark Hollins offered me a few of his scratch built 80ft container wagons. I am guessing these wagons will be the longest type of wagon run on the layout so there end over hang was a good tester. As I pushed them around the curved track it bought back memories of how I first started out in the hobby. My first scratch built wagon was an NQAY 60ft flat. Built from styrene it was my proudest moment and actually lasted many years until its fragile body warped and pieces broke off. This wagon however lead the way to many container wagons being scratch built, mostly by my uncle though. He has built many types all scratch built on a brass bar spanning and supporting the bogies. They are beautiful models and the hours of measuring stopped trains outside the fence of the dairy really paid off. I have included a photo of one of my Uncles completed models as well as one of my partially built NQAYs. Good times, it seems these days I can not complete anything because I am worried about the outcome before I even start!

Time warp 20 years and I have almost finished my computer control panel. All the coding is theory based, as the layout does not run but I feel it should suit the type of operation I want to achieve.
It is very flexible and can be changed quite quickly. The track colours change with block section control and coupling it with a touch screen monitor would really make it cool.

Sorry about the crappy photos. I have a brilliant camera, it's just that the idiot behind it has no idea. I just push buttons and things change colour and brightness. It's just that none of the pictures look like real life.

Well that's about it. I painted my PSM 3801the other day! Crazy I know! Well I just changed the factory colour. More on that later as I need some feedback before I make a fool of myself on the Internet some more.

Catch you later,



  1. The models are exquisite Linton, just wish I could zoom in a bit closer ! Your control panel just leaves me scratching my head (as did programming the VCR !)
    Nice work.

  2. G'day Gary,

    Yeah he does a great job on those container wagons! In fact everything that rolls off his work bench is a work of art.

    I will do another post with more on the control panel. It is just a normal cab control setup, just on a computer screen.

    Ha ha the old VCR! I remember my dad relied completly on my mum to set up the VCR. In fact it also included the CD and DVD player. I have no idea how he is managing to request me on Facebook! Ha ha