Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Planets Align!

Well I got out to the shed this weekend and knuckled down to fixing my track alignment worries. While I probably should be using dowels like most people do, I decided to re-visit the previous method employed on my last layout. I really do think the dowels are a great idea but I feel it leaves little adjustment for future alignment issues.

My method involves an 8 degree chamfered 19mm board secured to the leading module. A complementing board is attached to the adjoining module and sits on the chamfer holding it securely. Originally I had four bolts in elongated holes with which vertical adjustment was made possible. This was fine but in real life carrying out the adjustment was very frustrating! What I wanted was a method utilising adjusting screws so as to make vertical adjustment very accurate. After fiddling around all day yesterday I am finally happy with a system and have completed two modules. Vertical aligning of the track now simply involves adjusting the screws and tightening the clamping bolts. I am now contemplating a horizontal adjustment screw but this is not a must.

I thought I would ask if anybody here has used a thin foam which can be purchased from bunnings instead of cork for track underlay?. It is 3mm think and I am thinking about replacing all my cork with it.

Well once I build the other two adjusters I will get onto cutting the inspection pits for the engine shed along with the ash pits on the main lines and in front of engine shed. Should be fun watching the router fly across the baseboard eating all the track in it's path!

Next post I will elaborate a little more on the computer control panel. I fixed a few gremlins in the code tonight so the track colours properly match the controller selected.

That's all for now,


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