Monday, October 24, 2011

Back In The Old Days.

Last Friday I found myself in CBD Sydney. For a while now I have been meaning to make my way over to Redfern and have a look around Eveleigh or what is left. I have always been intrigued by the great railway workshops and after reading a book on the subject was under the impression that nothing really remained. To tell the truth I was surprised at how much still exists. I realise it is only a fraction of it's once former glory but it was great to see that the workshop, large erecting shop and managers buildings are all still standing. These buildings apart from the large erecting shop have very different roles now days but I guess that is progress?

I stuck my head in the southern end of the workshop building which was completely empty. I bloke in there working mentioned it was in that building most of the Matrix was filmed! What really hit me though was the smell of the building. Inside, the smell of a century of ingrained oil and Australian industrial history makes you realise that Eveleighs demise is just a small indication of Australia's still shrinking manufacturing abilities.

On another note, after talking to both Mike McCormac and James McInerney in regards to the colour scheme carried by the HCX I built, it was agreed upon that I needed to make a few changes. I have now removed the russet from around the guards and luggage door window sections. I relined the model but I am not completely sure about its correctness. I used a 0.3 nib but still think the lining is too think. That will be it now for my Casula HCX kit as any more changes will require a re-paint. Hopefully Mike will bring a HCX out in the next couple of years! Hint Hint.

Thank you James and Mike for all the help in regards to the HCX. Your combined knowledge is priceless.



  1. Hi Linton,
    I used to love Eveleigh when I was a teenager in the '70's. I would go into Central on a Saturday morning to watch all the expresses and mail trains come in and then wander over to Eveleigh running sheds and talk to the fitters and railway men. They were very nice to this young rail enthusiast and told me what to say if an Inspector bailed me up. The place was a hive of activity and I'm glad I witnessed it as it was. I never thought it would cease to be but that's the way of the world I guess. The HCX is looking good too....hope you've started on one of Mike's LFX's. I'm still building baseboards so won't be starting for a while yet.

  2. Thanks Rob. I honestly didn't know much about Eveleigh when I was growing up. I guess I was only ten when the place closed. It would have been great to experience what you did. I wonder if they fo tours these days through the large erecting shop?
    No I have not started the LFX s yet. Like you I have been concentrating on the layout. I am actually scared about starting Mikes kits. They look very complex and he has set the bar sooooo high.
    How are the base boards coming along? What sought of backcsene will you be using?

  3. Nice job on the HCX, Linton, it looks even better now. Don't be scared of the MMM kits, they are beautifully engineered and will actually go together without 'fiddling', which is more than you can say about most kits!

  4. Thanks James for the comments and help! Yeah at least with Mikes kits we will not have to make all the detail stuff as well!

  5. Linton,

    I am building one of the MM LFX kits at the moment. I would suggest printing out the instructions and have a good read. My suggestion would be to start with the bogies (as I am) and get them done first. It is all sort of down hill after that! They are complex, but everything does fit as it should. I usually use a single edged razor blade to separate the parts from the fret. Just take your time and follow the bit at a time. Start the kit Linton, it will challenge you but I bet you enjoy the experience too.



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  7. Hi Graig,

    Thanks for the tips. Good to know there are few people out there gaining MMM LFX experience so people like me can ask all the questions! I am bad for starting projects while having other pursuits on the go. I will finish a few things first and then make a start.

    Thanks for the post,