Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Going Around in Circles!

Righto. Things have been moving along slowly down here on the coast. As usual I have several projects half finished but nothing complete, thus nothing much to share.

I did get to the Liverpool exhibition on Saturday and then again on the Monday. During my very brief Saturday visit, due to a wedding in which we were running late for I picked up a Michael McCormac Dogbox. What can I say. I would trade all the RTR stuff in tommorrow for quality kits like these. Bring back modelling I say! Thanks Michael. I look foward to a MM HCX!

I am not sure how many exhibitions I have attended over the past years but as luck would have it, when I had not a minute to spare I ran into Picton Blogger Rob. I have been chatting to Rob on this blogger thing for a while now and I had never met him until last Saturday. Sorry Rob, Allan Brown, the guys from IMRA and who ever else I rushed past trying to make it out the door and back to the car. The missus's had me against the stop watch and like any man knows happy wife happy life. Thankyou to the fellow on the door for allowing me my fifteen minute dash. I am sure he thought I was trying to pull a swifty.

After a wedding and then a music festival I managed to make a return on the Monday. It was a very long day. In regards to my HCX recently built there has been a question hanging over the application of russet on the guards and luggage door windows. With a little more time up my sleeve I made my way back to M McCormacs stand to find James McInerney and Michael chatting. The HCX colour scheme question arose and I now have a clear answer. Unfortunantly the answer meant more work for yours truly and I have to say the model now looks like a drag queen, a little over done. Not sure about the article now James. I may have to do a repaint.

Layout wise I have been finshing off the Loco and Goods shed module. I have started on a new turntable still retaining Bruces mechanicals. Here are a few pics. Still along way to go however.

I am really at odds end with how to do the layouts backscene. I really do like the curved over backscene but having the turntable pushed back makes it a little complex. I will sought something out. I welcome any ideas.

That's it for now,



  1. Hey Linton,
    That 60ft turntable looks great, what did you use for the mechanicals? I've got one as well but I'm tossing up whether to continue with it or take the easy way out with an Anton's turntable? Oh, and have you driven any trains yet?...real ones that is.

  2. Hey Rob,

    The turntable was originally a Bruce Agrigg model built by him in Moss Vale. The mechanicals are very well built with everything being machined from brass and aluminum. He built them at 65ft as models like the 32 & 50 etc over hang a scale 60 ft turntable a tiny amount when using kadee couplers. This is my second attempt after I had a little more info sent to me regarding Pictons turntable. I wanted it as accurate as possible so I have built another bridge with more accurate sleeper spacing and better represented bridge castings. I have made it closer to 60 ft now so a new ring rail was needed which will look better anyway.
    I think Bruce still has one 60 ft turntable left. He stopped building them many years ago. I have been experimenting with a rotary encoder fitted to one of the drive shafts which will provide feedback info back to the CTI software. So far it's ok and makes it possible to have the turntable slow down slowly into position.

    Ha ha yeah I am at work now sitting in a box with 12 wheels.

    Talk to you later,