Monday, January 9, 2012

To build or wait??

Just a quick post. After seeing a few shots of Auscisions WTY samples, it made me question the need to build the rest of my WTY kit stock? I have only ever built one WTY kit as yet. The first took me so long that I have put off building the rest concentrating mainly on the layout and 1950 period rolling stock. With these new models being produced I guess it leaves more time to concentrate on other things.

I put a fair bit of time into the kit WTY so as to bring it to a standard that would suit Auscisions NGPFs. There lies another problem in that if you build a kit these days you have to add alot more detail so as the consists look uniform. I have added a few pics. The brass walkway was cut out of some KR etched mesh sheet. I then soldered it together and used 1mm x 0.1mm brass strip for the end sections thus creating the step in the one side. Sorry about some of the photos.

Still more to add yet.

Soldering had to be precise as the mesh would wick the solder if not careful.

Finished Model.
Hope everyone has had a great start to the New Year.