Monday, January 9, 2012

To build or wait??

Just a quick post. After seeing a few shots of Auscisions WTY samples, it made me question the need to build the rest of my WTY kit stock? I have only ever built one WTY kit as yet. The first took me so long that I have put off building the rest concentrating mainly on the layout and 1950 period rolling stock. With these new models being produced I guess it leaves more time to concentrate on other things.

I put a fair bit of time into the kit WTY so as to bring it to a standard that would suit Auscisions NGPFs. There lies another problem in that if you build a kit these days you have to add alot more detail so as the consists look uniform. I have added a few pics. The brass walkway was cut out of some KR etched mesh sheet. I then soldered it together and used 1mm x 0.1mm brass strip for the end sections thus creating the step in the one side. Sorry about some of the photos.

Still more to add yet.

Soldering had to be precise as the mesh would wick the solder if not careful.

Finished Model.
Hope everyone has had a great start to the New Year.



  1. Hi Linton,
    Nice job. Wouldn't see too many of these at Picton in 1950.
    Murphys law - as soon as you finish superdetailing them they bring out the RTR.
    Happy New Year

  2. Ha ha thanks Bob, no not my layouts period. My 80's period stuff is a hang over from the days when brass steam locomotives were out of my budget. I still really love the later models however I find the history of the 50 s era fascinating.

    Speaking of RTR, I folded and bought some Austrains FS & BS coaches the other day. With all the passenger coaches I still have to build these looked like the way to go for a Melbourne Limited.

    It's lucky I only really ever build one model! That way when the RTR one comes out I don't feel to depressed ha ha.

    All the best Bob,


  3. Linton, i feel your anguish. I didn't got in big on the WTY kits, fortunately, but I've still got six AR Kits WHX kits to eventually detail and paint to go with the four I did last year (of course, those had to be brought up to the standards you mentioned so they look nice enough to share rake-space with the Austrains WHX and Auscision WTY's previously released. That's what's holding me from diving into the S Truck project--the gnawing feeling that once I get deep going, someone will announce 50 number variations of an updated, fully-detailed model with sufficent weight to track well. Ain't that how it usually goes???

  4. G'day Blair,

    I have been following your blog for some time. Love your work. I actually did my PN trainee drivers new starter course in Narrabri and soon realised why the area appeals to so many modellers.

    I think most of the latest RTR stuff is really good but I firmly believe that when you modify your own kits they are most of the time more robust. I think this comes from the materials used in the detailing, mainly brass and soldered. The fine plastic detail on Chinese products seems to break easily and if not broken just falls off. There is however a deciding factor for me and that is time. It's so much quicker to buy the model off the shelf and weather it.
    Unfortunately for me this will not be the case with my RTR FS BS coaches. They need a fair bit of work as the floors just fall out, interior needs a paint, wheels dont turn and I would like the coaches closer coupled with working diaphragms. For $130 each I am not sure if it's actually value for money in this case.

    Looking forward to future posts on your blog.


  5. Meant to say $110 dollars each for the coaches.