Sunday, May 13, 2012

Maybe I Have A Problem?

Howdy Everyone,

Over the past month, layout construction has most certainly taken a huge step backwards - I have actually started again! Well not entirely true has I am re-using a lot of the previous layouts parts including alloy trestles, track base, lighting pelmets and base board adjusting pieces. The problem that I faced was in the integration of the aluminium curved back scene supports and timber baseboard framing.  As I have a little OCD, I was becoming frustrated with the alignment of the back scene and pelmet. The layout was just becoming a little too complex in construction particularly in regards to the turntable module where the back scene has a different profile. I ended up making the decision to run with a tried and tested portable diorama construction method as explained by the late Rodney James (AJRM) and used by many since. One reason why I avoided this method in the first place was that I didn’t want to cut the 25 profile boards required. Lucky for me, I didn’t have to cut them out after all as I found a local joinery that operates a CNC router. After completing my drawings I emailed them off to the CNC operator, ordered the ply and in a couple of days I had 25 perfectly cut profile boards, too easy!
The three variations. The profiles with holes are the centre sections, cut from 12mm Ext Ply. The end sections are cut from 15mm Ext Ply. The profiles with the rectangular slots are used to mate with the adjusting pieces. 

Over the last few weeks I have been busy gluing and screwing all these parts together. So far it looks great and I am not that far off from being in the same position I was with the old baseboards. It has given me an opportunity to fix a few inaccuracies particularly with the up yard track layout. I have posted a few photos and in two to three weeks I should have the full ten metres standing.

On another note I have been meaning to repost pictures of my colour adjusted PSM 38. I don’t believe the original photos in an earlier post showed an accurate colour. Here are a couple more, taken outside with max f stop and good natural lighting.  

Take care,



  1. You have my interest here Linton, I was only chatting to Ian Millard the other day about getting a joinery to cut the base board for the helix's he built rather then doing it ourselves. It is looking like I have two to do. I will be in touch to chat to you about this if I don't see you at Thornleigh. Great job.

  2. Hi Linton,
    No you don't have a know it would have bugged you if you didn't fix it and do it right :-). The layout is going to look very professional when you finish it and I really like your 38er, particularly the effect you've achieved on the rods. Nice work


  3. G'day Andrew and Rob.

    No worries Andrew. I should be getting myself to Thornleigh. For repetitive work it's a great solution. I rang a few places and cutting prices do vary a little. I used a simple CAD program to develop the drawings and included a dimensioned copy for reference. They were cut perfectly and the dimensions were spot on.

    Rob - I would love to take credit for the rods but that is how they came out of the factory! They do look better than just painted grimy black don't they. I would love to weather the model further however I will probably only go as far as a bit of glossy grease and oil. I really don't want to add another clear coat.
    Your right about the layout. I was just not happy with a few things. I hope it comes up ok as I would really like to exhibit it one day. Would love to see those MLVs do a few laps also! Ha ha

    Thanks for the kind words and hope to see you both at Thornleigh.