Sunday, June 17, 2012

I Do Not Drive a Car Named KITT

Last Saturday I attended the Epping exhibition. I really enjoy the Epping show, it has a good vibe and this year I thought the layouts were of a high quality. Boorowa’s scenery really caught my eye. I feel there’s been a trend of late for layouts to be closer to eye level, something I have been aiming towards.  Boorawa however was at a more conventional level which I feel enhanced its deep undulating scenery. The bridge work was also excellent. Arakoola, with its size and beautiful detail entices a change in scale. If you see a whole lot of 1950s NSW rolling stock on EBay you will probably guess the content of my next blog entry. Seriously though this is something I want to do in the future. I have for some time wanted to model Summit Tank in 7mm scale, maybe one day.

I met quite a few people on Saturday. With Aussie model railways having such a large web presence, it’s quite interesting to put faces to names. I am not sure what people expect when they meet me but I am not David Hasselhoff. I really should change my profile picture ha ha! While on the subject – just because I wear a hooded jumper doesn’t mean I am a hoodlum. Yes I do live close to East Nowra (West Greenwell Point for the snooty) but this doesn’t mean I am going to walk off with your display in my pocket.
Thank you very much to Ian Phemister and Andrew Lee for producing a very nice BLV kit. I hope they sold well. I was once again reminded that I have not made a start on either of my LFX kits. I promise I will have one finished for Epping next year Michael. While chatting to Michael I met a man that would have to be one of the most insane modellers I have ever come across. I had seen Oscar Deluca’s work on a couple of internet sites however after seeing his true scale wheels in the flesh it has changed my perspective on railway modelling. I do not possess the skills or the will to do what Oscar does however I think his no compromise outlook on track and wheel modelling is the only alternative to the norm. Scale modellers, scale real life objects however railway modellers live with compromise. I understand the reasons why this compromise is necessary but at the same time seeing what is possible incites progress. Thanks Oscar for your insight into madness.

 I have now finished three of my Austrains CWs. Still many more to do and with the upcoming sheep wagon arrival I may have to buy a bulk bottle of Indian ink.

I have been progressing with Picton over the past few months. There is nothing like an exhibition to renew your enthusiasm. The new base boards for the station area are coming along. I have eight metres of the layout standing with one more module to build. The track should be back down in a few weeks and the plan adjusted slightly so as to make it more accurate.

That’s it for now. Another weekend over and a new week of hell begins. Lucky for model railways I guess! The requirement for money to spend on trains makes going to work tolerable.  

Catch you all later,



  1. Linton,
    Wow your CW's look fantastic. Love the weathering. Look forward to seeing the Hof with his layout next year running LFX cars!


    1. Ha ha, I promised an LFX not a layout! Thanks for the kind words. It's actually nice having a good RTR model as a basis. I meant to ask you the other day about the signal on you display. Is that your own scratch built signal or are they produced as kits by somebody? The whole thing looked very good.


  2. Damn I just realized Linton, I meant to chat with you about your laser cut frames...Bugger.... Hate that!

  3. The CWs are looking terrific Lynton. All you need now is a good black 'wash' to blend everything together. I agree with what you said in response to my previous post, things can look very strange if everything is different, all the models should be consistent to the time and place (which, of course, doesn't mean they should all be the same!) I have to say that I am a bit disturbed by the increasing tendency to 'over weather' models (I feel an AMRM Comment coming on ;). Some of the decrepid models I have seen around the place would result in 'bungs' all round if they were allowed out in that condition on the prototype!

  4. Linton,

    Looks great.


    I agree.