Sunday, July 22, 2012

Building a Dogbox

No I am not in trouble, no dog house for me! I thought I may have been as I bought a bergs 57 class  on Friday night. It’s funny because the timing could not have been any better! This weekend Danielle's parents met my parents for the first time. Probably about time as we have been together for almost seven years. I think the long awaited meeting worked a treat, overshadowing the latest purchase! Apart from receiving an ear bashing over marriage, I have had no "how much was it, what do I get now, you already have one" discussions. May have to plan another meeting - real soon ha ha!!!
The 57 is currently pulled apart and I am hoping Al from AR Kits can help me out with a few spare parts. I will leave the 57 project for another post though.
Not much has happened on the layout this weekend. The weather was no good and one of my mates borrowed most of my clamps. I seem to be always buying clamps however never seem to have enough! For anyone interested, Bunnings have four packs of Irwin clamps for $29.00.
Basic Bogie Frame 

Completed bogie side frames ready to be attached.

Side frames added. No comes all the finer detail parts. Can't wait!

This afternoon I sat down and started one of my Michael McCormac LFX cars. Seven hours later a have two basic bogie frames completed. These kits, so far are amazing. I don't think I have enjoyed putting a model together quite this much for a long time! I know it sounds crazy but Mike has actually made these things fit together! The instructions provided are first class and unlike building some other kits you really do have to follow them! Above are a few photos of the afternoon’s achievements. Wouldn't it be nice if the MMM range expanded to cover R cars, RUB cars, HCX, CX, BX, CHO and a few twelve wheelers, hint hint. I know it's wishful, most likely completely unlikely however I am always the optimist ha ha.
Now to start planning the next distraction. A round boiler 36 is really needed ha ha.
Take care,

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cross Trading


This post will be a short one and will not include pictures! I can't believe it either! With today marking the introduction of the carbon tax, I will be writing all future posts on the IPad as the laptop uses too much power! Just doing my bit. As I sit here in the dark, freezing my tits off now is probably a good time to learn how to upload pictures onto this thing! All jokes aside it will be interesting to see how Australian industry copes. While on the railways I heard rumors of companies importing clinker rather than using their own kilns. From someone that really has no idea about this stuff I just hope it doesn't completely kill Australia's dwindling manufacturing capability.

Well on a more sensible note I have cleaned my modelling bench. After an interesting discussion with Mike McCormac the other day I have decided to start one of my LFXs. Hopefully, after finishing the dogbox I will not come to the realisation that my current fleet of models and future buys are crap. Unfortunately I need locomotives to haul my LFXs along with other pieces of rollingstock that are not LFXs when modelling the NSWGRs.

Over the past few months I have been working along side a scale modeller mate. Calum has started a blog ( although mostly aircraft related is well worth a look. In my opinion scale modellers are the weathering experts.

On Friday afternoon I had a visitor. Jon, a fellow IMRA member, who now has a blog( in to take a look at Picton. It's good to have another opinion as sometimes you get lost in your own ideas. Thanks for driving all the way down Jon. Your welcome anytime, just bring some working clothes next time ha ha.

Well that's about it. Time to watch my two hour ration of television. Holly crap I just saw a Cadbury chocolate steam train in a tv add. Can anything beat that? Doubt it! Ha ha.

Catch ya later, Linton