Sunday, October 28, 2012

Another Christmas Approaches - Nothing Much Has Changed

Howdy Everyone,

I know it’s been a while between blog posts; however I am still alive and kicking. I have not been doing much in regards to the social side of the hobby, however did venture up to Liverpool for what I thought was a great exhibition. It was good to catch up with many people and was great to swap some money for a bag of model train stuff.

Contrary to what my missus believes, the layout is progressing. Danielle thinks all I do is head out to the shed, scratch my head, look at a few things and potter around. She has got it completely wrong! I head out, start one job, get distracted by another play with the dogs, imagine the layout at Liverpool one day then scratch my head. As this build has already taken me around three years (how embarrassing) I should really have a bald spot in the back of my head by now.

Below are a few pics. Sorry if they look a little like the pictures in my last post, boring I know. I now have six mtrs of the overall ten mtrs lit and basically complete - apart from the viaduct module which needs a little more back scene work. Once the timber work is finished I will estapol the whole thing and paint the basic blue sky.

Rolling stock wise I have been painting and modifying a DJH 35 class and a first run Bergs 57. Although not very common on southern lines during the fifties, I just had to finish painting the 35. I didn’t build this loco as it was a hand me down. So far I stripped the body and tender and have applied its first coat of paint. I have now gloss clear coated the model making it ready for decals and enamel washes.

The 57 was bought from a fellow club member. There was something odd looking about the loco but just couldn’t pick it. Comparing it to some photos one day I noticed the model had no brake shoes or rigging. This 57 has already been fitted with a can motor and had a back plate fitted so a lot of the work was done. I have since drilled the funnel out (not a fun task), added a pipe behind the funnel (not sure what it was for?), added brake rigging, added lubrication lines, primed the body along with chassis and have added extra electrical pick-ups. The lubrication lines where horrible to add. I built them using four lengths of 0.15mm bronze wire. They were soldered together once threaded along the side of the engine.  The brake rigging was constructed from DJH 57 class bits. Big thanks to Al Cutmore (AR Kits) for supplying me with kit spare parts. They are attached to the chassis with 16BA screws. This is about as small as I think I could go when it comes to tapping and cutting screws to length. The tapping hole size for 16BA is 0.6mm so once I had tapped all eight threads into the brass tubing, I was ecstatic to still have the tap in one piece!
Here is picture if the 57 class body, more to come once finished.

Well that about all for now. Hopefully my next post will include a few pictures of the layout with track re-laid.
Thanks for looking,