Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas and Random 48 Class

Merry Christmas everyone! Thought I would squeeze in a final blog update for the year.

I have been concentrating on the layout over the past couple of months. I am on 3 weeks leave at the moment and hope to have all the timber work complete and sealed by the end. Looking forward to laying some track.

On my bench are a few models. The 34 and 57 have not really progressed. Both models are running again but need weathering and final touches applied.

Randomly I decided to line and number a bergs brass 48 class the other day. It took me three attempts to find good quality decals for the 48. The final decals chosen still do not have the correct whisker shape. I really hate decals. I am just no good at applying them. It is a real toss up as to which is easier; masking for paint or applying decals and having them stick to everything other than where they should be.

It has been fun weathering the little model. The picture below shows it before final clear coat. Hopefully the clear will tone down the dusty powder a little. Its funny you can't notice the dust as much in real life.

I am going to mod the mech by adding more pickups. I think I have a method that will be quite easy. Just two 10 ba taped holes and a tiny piece of thinned PCB. After modifying it will be painted and weathered to match the rest of the model.

Anyway that's enough. No body wants to read this garbage on Christmas. Thanks to the 61 people that somehow find this interesting. Your comments and help have been much appreciated.

All the best for the holiday season,



  1. Nice job, Linton, but ditch the yellow on the buffers unless you are modelling post 1978... ;)

  2. G'day James,

    Thanks, I still have a few things to finish off on it. Do you think the handrail looks too scrappy?

    I have two modelling periods, the 1950s and 1980s. This one obviously fits into the later period. I have a little 1980 stuff. The most modern loco I own is a candy 81.

    Do you know why the buffer plate was painted yellow on the ends? Maybe visibility or something?

    Hope you are taking a bit of a break from the mag.