Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Traction Motors

Three posts in one week! Very bored at the moment.

Spurred by a forum post I went searching for model, individual traction motor bogies. This is all probably all old news but here is the link:

I don't know anything about the product but it looks like they are P87 friendly. 

With the single traction motor option any wheel spacing is achievable. They are a little expensive
but what does a Hollywood Foundry mech cost?

Food for thought. I would love to get my hands on one and try it out. Leaves heaps of room for 
sound I guess!

Thanks for looking 


Monday, January 7, 2013

How to Make Girls Like Trains

I have been with my missus for the past 7 years. Danielle doesn't like trains but I drag her around to most of the exhibitions so she can experience, firsthand the awesomeness of model railways ha. Apart from the constant crop dusting she receives, she puts up with it fairly well.

Anyway for the past few years, I have had enormous amounts of pressure placed on me to ask Danielle to marry me. Many have said I am punching above my weight (I am slowly getting fatter so I am not sure if that evens things up or makes things worse) and that it is probably about time to pop the question before she makes tracks out the door.

On my white board 'to do list' sandwiched between securing pelmet lighting and sealing the baseboards was a note reminding me that I need to get down on one knee before the end of the year. I kept explaining to Danielle that I had not even completed most of the jobs above the end of year dead line!

Long story short, I sought some advice from some of my fellow co-workers and devised a plan. With the diamond in hand I set about changing the way Danielle thought about trains.

On the track went a PSM 38, a few S and D trucks and a KF at the back to carry the goods. I covered it with a piece of back scene material and coerced Danielle into the shed. We were actually running late for a Dinner reservation so typically Danielle could not understand my ridiculous timing. I placed a wire on the track and thanks to all wheel pick up, the brass 38 hauled that special piece of coal out in front of Danielle. She quickly asked if the whole thing was a joke, but I assured her that the 38 is correctly portraying pre 1955 green.

After she said yes (now I can really get fat) I walked her over and ticked off the white board. All done and now she really loves trains, well sought of.

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