Sunday, March 3, 2013

Why is the Sky Blue?

Hi All,

Not much progress to report on the layout or modelling in this post. One thing I did start was to clear coat the modules and paint the curved back drops. It is a messy job spraying estapol and the blue paint. By the time I am finished I think I will look like a power ranger, the blue one anyway (is there a blue one?). My skin and clothes will end up with a nice hard wearing clear/blue exterior coating!

I owe it to Rob  (Picton Blog) for offering advice on blue (sky) back ground colours. I have completed one module so far but don't know if I should darken the top and lighten the lower half? The Sky has so many shades of blue, grey, white and brown. When you look through others blogs and their layout pictures its hard to tell if the backgrounds have been photoshopped or not. My curved back scenes are large at 2000 mm x 1100 mm. I have plenty of room to create a varying sky colour but have no idea how to do it? If any one has a clue I would to hear how and what colours you used.

On the modelling front the Bergs 48 class is almost finished - just need to add a crew. The 57s tender has been primed and is ready for colour and weathering.

I received my 422s in the mail last Friday. Very nice indeed. Have not run them yet but I am sure they will operate as nicely as they look. One thing I have found with Auscision is that their customer service is probably the best I have come across in regards to model railways. I had a small problem with my 422 order however the guys at Auscision were very helpful and resolved it straight away, thanks.

I am actually writing this post from Fort Worth Texas. I am in the U.S. for three weeks with work but managed to take a not so good photo of a Union Pacific train this afternoon. Sorry I have no idea what the locomotives are (I live in a NSWR bubble), all I know is that they are huge! I thought the 81 class was big.....wrong! I don't really photograph trains so I apologise for the average photo.


Well that's it for now. Time to go and find some food that isn't sandwiched between two buns.

Take care,