Friday, April 4, 2014

Three Cylinders are Better Than Two


I have been working on a NSWGR D57/58 ESU sound project for a few months. After a few attempts, some bad and some ok I think I have finally come up with something that sounds accurate.
My second attempt used only three chuff sounds in four drive scales. While this was ok it seemed too clean and repetitive. Thanks goes out to Colin Hussey as he pointed this out to me after I sent him a recording of the project playing through the decoder. This made me go back to the drawing board where I decided to use a real recording using all six chuff sounds. A lot of audio modifications were made and I ended up with 24 different chuff sounds which were loaded into their corresponding drive sound slots.

While the 57 and 58 most likely sounded a little different to each other, due to various design reasons, I am at this point happy to live with the models sounding the same. I may modify the sound files again to improve the 57 class project, however at this stage it is not very high on the to do list.

After seeing how DCC can improve the running ability of a model, my Uncle decided to bite the bullet and asked me to install sound into his second run Bergs D57. The 57 is pretty much fully converted now and performed nicely on the Illawarra clubs DCC layout last night.

I still need to come up with an easy method for disconnecting the micro connector so as the tender and loco can be separated. While it is not too bad at the moment, I want to make it more accessible and less fiddly.

Anyway here is a clip of my Uncles 57 on my four meters of track. Still can't get the DSLR to take good video. Sorry about the focus.



  1. Linton, well done the project is advancing well.


  2. Linton,

    Yep I agree...sounds good and a credit to all the hard work you have put in. In the end you will be eons ahead of QSI in sound "quality"!

    Regards, Rod