Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sound Obsession


Once again I have been glued to the computer trying to improve the 57 class sound file.

Danielle thinks that there is something wrong with me and she may be right! On occasion I have been staying up until two o'clock in the morning messing about with sound files. After hours of chuff..........chuff............chuff..............chuff with the occasional whistle mixed in, Danielle came in to the study asking me why I was still up and didn't hold back letting me know that steam engine sounds don't invite a good nights sleep. I just presumed she was sleep walking/talking so I cracked on. Turns out I was wrong!

Anyway, now armed with a few 6029 sounds from the recording session in Canberra and a genuine 57 class recording I have come up with this.

I have ditched the DSLR for shooting video as it doesn't automatically focus. This time I used my crappy phone which unsurprisingly also resulted in crappy video. The sound was captured with a Rode IXY microphone fitted to the phone. Hopefully, through the phones mis-focused haze and etch-a-sketch definition quality you will be able to get some sort of idea of the 57 running.   



  1. Linton,

    Firstly, Danielle is right...or so Vanessa informs me...Secondly, the 57 sounds brilliant under power, drifting and pulling up. Thirdly, for heaven sake take a break from the locos and replace the paper with REAL TRACK... I am hanging to see some layout action and it ain't happening. A good night sleep will certainly give you the impetus to get moving and will certainly have a positive effect in the relationship stakes. (I have learnt my lesson) Hope you guys are well and look forward to meeting up again soon... Regards Rod

  2. Hi Rod.

    Ha ha, the track is in progress. I have a cross over on the bench at the moment. I keep getting distracted though.

    I was thinking about taking a drive over to Goulburn soon. I have to go and see Mum and Dads new extensions so will be heading through in the next couple of weeks. I will call you a few days out.