Thursday, September 25, 2014

BMTs, Helicopters, The Ghan and a Dog


Yes I am still alive and kicking. I had a few emails actually asking if I had dropped off the face of the planet. It has been a while since my last blog post. I have been in a model railway low for the past twelve months and other things have been consuming my time. I am so close to finishing the MMM LFX now. If I can keep my interest levels high enough for a few more hours it should finally be finished.

It's funny how much pressure you put on yourself to complete models. It has almost become choir like. This is suppose to be a hobby and last time I checked, the term usually goes hand in hand with enjoyment.

On a positive note, I acquired some SDS BMT milk tank wagons. These are officially my favourite RTR model to date. They are beaut little models. For a while now I have been after a few BMTs and have constantly been outbid trying to buy the Lloyds kit on eBay. Lucky for me SDS has produced a superb model, lucky I didn't win any on eBay hey!

Between arguing on Rail Page, track building continues and the 57 Class sound file has been completely revamped. Not sure if its for the better yet? The beauty of sound loadable decoders is that the projects can constantly evolve. I really hope there is no limit to how many times you can write to these decoders. The 57 must have been re-flashed at least 50 times so far! She's holding in there!

I was suppose to head down to Melbourne for the Caulfield exhibition with the guys from the Illawarra club. Unfortunately for me work got in the way and I had to fly to Darwin. Hats off to those blokes for making the effort. It paid off as I heard 'Waterfall' picked up an award.

The Darwin work trip was not all bad, in fact its probably one of the best work trips I have ever been on. Flying to Darwin takes along time in a helicopter and my rear end had quite enough after three long days. I was able to photograph the Ghan on our last day of travelling while it was heading north, just outside of Darwin. Between cockpit banter, working out riddles and flying around Uluru I was able to reflect on just how lucky I have been in my working life. I have been lucky enough to land on American aircraft carriers, fly around most of Australia, fly a PC9 at 4.5 g's, drive freight trains for a living, been involved with aircraft testing, steered a Navy ship and have met so many brilliant people along the way. All in all I reckon I am a pretty lucky guy ha ha.

Back to trains hey. I have been after a PSM 3830 with green smoke box for a while now. If anyone knows of one lurking around just itching to be sold please let me know. While on the PSM 38 subject I would also love to get my hands on a streamlined 'in service' version also. If you hear of anything I would love to hear from you.

Well that's about it for now. I have to get cracking on a few of these lingering projects. I must say thanks to Rod Kelly (Laser Rail Bits) for cutting me some sleepers. I just turned up on his door step asked him about sleepers and next minute I had a box full. Thanks Rod, you are a legend.

That's it. I know pretty boring.




  1. Nice to see you back, Linton. I read some of the "discussion" you were having regarding the Trainorama gears on Railpage....seriously, some of those guys would argue with a wall. Anyway, great to see you back again.


    1. Hey Rob,

      Yeah they sure would. I think one guy must live in a university by his location details, weird. He should get a house ha ha.

      Still working on points. Have build a couple of jigs today for drilling tie rods.

      See you at Liverpool. I will be there on Saturday morning.