Sunday, February 8, 2015

Somewhere Between Sydney and Home


Things have been busy lately. Working in Sydney and living in Nowra has certainly decreased modelling time. On top of that, we are building a house in Bundanoon and have our Nowra house on the market. Weekends are filled with mowing lawns and keeping things tidy. I am a little restricted on starting large projects at the moment. This has been good in some ways as have been able to finish a couple of jobs that have been lingering. Ticked off the list was a mates PSM 38 class sound install and DJH R class leading pony truck reconfigure. Now that the R runs without melting its wheels, I have been challenged to install sound in it. I will most likely build my own R class ESU sound project for this one as fiddling on the computer does not make much mess, its the perfect house sellers project. More to come on this one.

I have received a few models over the past few weeks. I bit the bullet and bought a Trainorama 48 class. I was a little stand offish regarding this model as I did not pre-pay and the Auscision version is so much cheaper (pre-payed that is). As I had family connections to Toms Hobbies (now Bobs Hobbies) I really felt the need to spend my money in the shop and support a manufacture that has supplied us many superb models. As for the model, its beautiful. They did a great job. If it weren't for the price, I would have bought four of them. Maybe the price will come down eventually, like the 44 class did? I guess it depends on stock levels and other things that I have no idea about.

Along with the 48, its big brother showed up packaged in a typical Auscision sent padded bag. The 45 class is a stunning model. I only bought the one, a 1980's version. I received a sound decoder today from Mike (Dcc Sound) and am looking forward to hearing what he has come up with for the old ALCO.

The excitement of receiving a new model is just not like what it used to be. These days new models get pulled out the box, looked at and then packed back up. I don't know if this is due to a lack of time or just plain being spoilt? Its so easy now. I was at Casula Hobbies last Thursday and Joe mentioned that one knock-on affect of all this RTR stuff is the huge increase in guys that take weathering models to the next level. He is right, people now spend the time in which they may have once built the kit and use it for weathering. Some of the results are amazing although I think some models are weathered way beyond what they looked like in regular service. I feel that its a hard thing to add all the features of a filthy diesel in model form. I don't know why but it sometimes looks over done. This is just my opinion and a criticism that I am guilty of also. Perhaps it's a scaling thing?

While on my soap box, I feel that Facebook and model trains don't go together. I like the manufactures being on FB, providing updates however some of the groups I have been introduced to are depressing. People can be so rude when armed with a keyboard and no decency. Facebook is a form of social media and unfortunately the model railroad hobby is made up of many un-sociable characters. Its a recipe for madness.

On to other things. I was invited to take a look at Ray Pilgrims 'Bylong' a few weeks ago. Rays layout looks as good in real life as it does in his photos. It was a great afternoon and thanks Ray.

Work has continued on 5708. The locomotive is supposed to depict a red lined 5708, circa 1958 as seen on page 203 in Graig Mackey's book 'The 57s and 58s'. An interesting shot of 5715, also in 1958 shows the lining on the cab side. It seems to me that during the mid 50s, the red lining was most commonly applied to 57 class locomotives allocated to Enfield or Chullora. While this statement is not gospel, it sure seems this way after looking through photos.

With finishing my 57, I also decided to have another look at my 57 sound project. I have included another 57 class video (sorry) to illustrate.

Luckily I have solved the vibrating body sound problem, thanks mostly to Mr Bolivia. I ended up replacing the cylinder drain cock sound files with audio equalised versions. This seemed to clear the condensed water much better and now no more hammering vibrations. Seriously though it was just loose body parts such as the working footplate inspection covers and a few pieces of piping touching each other.

Well that's about all. If anyone wants to move to Nowra and buy a house I have one here ready to go, perfect for the model railroad enthusiast.

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