Sunday, March 29, 2015

Picton, Moving Closer to Picton


Just a quick update. As described in a previous post Danielle and I are moving to the Southern Highlands. After growing up there I have a warm spot for the place and can't wait to make the move.

Our house will not be finished until the end of the year however we have sold our house in Nowra and need to be out in two weeks. Last weekend I hired a truck and moved the layout and all other bulky shed stuff items. The layout now resides in Moss Vale, at my uncles house. We set up 4 of the five modules (one day to be six) in his loft above the garage. Not much will happen while it is in Moss Vegas but I am hoping I will be able to build some track, in our to be found yet, interim house.

Looking at the photo my uncle sent to me, it really highlights the need to use flat paint for back scenes. I have this thing for enamel paint (thinking it is more durable?) with the two furthest modules back scenes finished in semi-gloss. It took me a while to find flat enamel paint however I did and it looks much better on the third from end module. Lots more painting ahead!

Last week the new shed/layout room's form work went up with the slab to be poured next week. Who needs a house when you have a shed! I have learnt a lot of things when it comes to a layout room so this shed will be split into three separate areas. The layout specific room will be 14.5m x 2.4m. I want another dedicated room that stays clean (I am dreaming) for modelling and painting. Having saw dust and general shed mess hanging around the layout and painting area has caused many headaches. Hopefully this shed layout will make things better.

One bonus to moving is that while you're packing, you find things that you didn't even know you had! I didn't realise how many RTR wagons I had collected over the years. I have so much detailing, modifying and weathering to do! Who said RTR makes life easier? ha ha.

After reading a friends sad blog entry this afternoon, I came to realise just how good this hobby can be. Not only does the hobby provide enjoyment but it introduces you to people that become life long friends and support networks. My deepest sympathies go out to you and your family through these tough times.

That's about it for now, see you later,


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  1. Hi Linton,
    Good luck with the move and House hunting / building.