Monday, July 20, 2015

C32 - Two Posts From Two

G'day Again,

Two posts in two days! Probably a good idea to get a few posts out of the way as I will be consumed with study shortly. I really hate studying, especially when there are much more interesting things to do.

Anyway, here is the P Class ESU project I have been working on. Once again videoing was done by recording the sound separately on my Zoom recorder and combining with the video afterwards. As per normal, something always decides to go a little wrong. This time the front pony truck decides to get in the way towards the end.

This sound file, like the 50 Class, was created using recordings I have taken over the past few months.

Like all my projects, bar the 57 class file, this one uses throttle steps to vary how loud the chuff sound plays. If the speed is increased by more than two speed steps rapidly, the loco chuff sounds are louder and longer. If the throttle is decreased by one step, the chuff sounds move to a quieter, shorter sound. If the throttle is decreased by one more speed step the locomotive will coast. Ian Phemister first challenged me to make the decoder behave this way and now done I really like it. You can hear this change in sound throughout the video.

The model in the video is a Classic brass 32 fitted with an ESU V4 decoder and Zimo sugercube speaker.



Standard Goods Sound


With the upcoming release of Eureka's 50 Class I was asked by a mate if I had made any progress with my 50 class sound file.

I recently bought a new recorder and the quality of audio it records is much better than what I had previously. For the past few months I have been recording a few steam locomotives, tracking down their whereabouts and then trying to be in the right place at the right time. This process has proved much harder than originally thought. It seems a lot of steam drivers like to play the whistle and I guess if I was in control of the cord, I would too! This however is no good at all for the editing process, as any variations in the mid section of the sound flow are very noticeable. If only drivers would just blow the damn thing solid for a few seconds hey!

After hours of trying to loop whistle sections together, I feel that I finally have a half decent NSWGR whistle. I have included this whistle in my STD goods project, which I feel fits quite well. Please tell me otherwise if I have ballsed it up.

The new whistle uses a slightly different sound schedule flow to what I have used previously. The whistle length is determined by how long the whistle function is held. The long whistle has two finishes. One that is short and sharp and the other sounding more preservation loco driver (a little more character).

I have included a video of my Classic Brass saturated 50 Class. I have recorded the sound separately with my Zoom recorder and then married up the sound/video using movie maker software. I think the quality is better than previous videoing attempts however it may be slightly out of sync.

Also, the compressor gets a little bit muddled up in the beginning of the film. This is because I had the compressor function running and then the random sound compressor kicked in also. Something that may need some work.

The loco is fitted with a Loksound V4 21 pin decoder and a 15mm x 12mm Zimo Sugarcube speaker.

Anyway here it is -

I am not sure if it is a good idea yet, but I have been thinking about actually charging a small fee for my ESU projects. While I am an amateur and not likely to retire on the idea, I feel that the time put into them is probably worth something? Feel free to tell me what you think about this.

Hopefully within the week I will be able to video my 32 class and post on here also.

Thanks for looking and please offer any advice. I am all ears.


Monday, July 13, 2015

Labour of Love

Hi Everyone,

Just a short post as I have not really achieved all that much on the model railway front lately.
Although I would have liked to, I didn't make it to the Epping exhibition in June. While I heard some negative feedback about the show, It still would have been better than going clothes shopping! Yes that's right, that's what I did.

Loco sound wise, not much is new. I am still messing about with the 32 class file. Last Saturday night Danielle and I froze our butts off waiting for 3237 and 5917 heading the Fotoz Flyer. We waited for hours at the cheese factory level crossing in Robertson. Little did we know, it had a few issues coming up the mountain. Anyway with Danielle watching me run around like a frozen, wet mad man, I was able to capture an ok whistle recording. After it zoomed past we jumped in the car and caught the train in Moss Vegas. The whole night was a bit of a waste of time as all the stuff I recorded was pretty much useless. It was however really nice to see two steamers at Moss Vale on a cold winters night, something I have only seen in books. One thing I did find funny was that the train crew were much, much cleaner than all the passengers. It really looked as if they had just emerged out of a coal mine. Apparently the passenger cars were filled with soot through one of the tunnels, pretty funny.

One thing that I have been making progress on is refining my hand laid point work. I bit the bullet and soldered all the etched sleeper plates onto the rail ready for attaching the timber sleepers. This would probably be one of the most boring tasks I have ever carried out. Lucky for me, the sleeper plates only need to be fitted to mainline track.

 I have also decided to hinge the point blades with a pin which fits into a hole. The point blades feel more robust now and will be easier to replace the point blade should something go wrong in the future. The point blade actuator PCB strip is now under the point, as suggested by Geoff (Splitters Swamp Creek). For the photo, I have added one of the spreader bars. Obviously this one would short the point out being made entirely of brass. Not 100% about the this end of the point yet. Still some more experimenting. Next step is to paint, add sleepers and run trains - yeah right.

My new shed has now finished construction. Next thing will be to paint the floor and add two internal walls. The layout room will end up being 14.5m long and 2.4m wide, Picton (Stonequarry) will fit very nicely. At this point it is my intention to house the dog bones in the main part of the shed. These will fold up when not in use. The house slab should be finished this week . Hopefully the planets align for an early 2016 move in.

That's about it for now.

Thanks for looking, bye.