Monday, July 20, 2015

C32 - Two Posts From Two

G'day Again,

Two posts in two days! Probably a good idea to get a few posts out of the way as I will be consumed with study shortly. I really hate studying, especially when there are much more interesting things to do.

Anyway, here is the P Class ESU project I have been working on. Once again videoing was done by recording the sound separately on my Zoom recorder and combining with the video afterwards. As per normal, something always decides to go a little wrong. This time the front pony truck decides to get in the way towards the end.

This sound file, like the 50 Class, was created using recordings I have taken over the past few months.

Like all my projects, bar the 57 class file, this one uses throttle steps to vary how loud the chuff sound plays. If the speed is increased by more than two speed steps rapidly, the loco chuff sounds are louder and longer. If the throttle is decreased by one step, the chuff sounds move to a quieter, shorter sound. If the throttle is decreased by one more speed step the locomotive will coast. Ian Phemister first challenged me to make the decoder behave this way and now done I really like it. You can hear this change in sound throughout the video.

The model in the video is a Classic brass 32 fitted with an ESU V4 decoder and Zimo sugercube speaker.



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  1. Another good sounding loco,your efforts have certainly paid off.I would be very wary of people that pirate your sounds. Peter