Tuesday, September 29, 2015

NSWGR 36 Class - ESU V4 Project


Just a quick update.

I have wanted to build a 36 class sound project for some time now. As I have three 36 class models, and they are one of my favourite locomotives, I was keen to get some recordings. Lucky for me 3642 was out and about last weekend in Sydney and on the Southern Highlander tourist train. With a few phone calls I was able to record 3642 being prepared for its weekend run.

I spent five hours hanging around getting in the way and recorded over 70 sound files. One interesting sound is when the headlight was turned on, the generator dips in sound and starts to work harder. I was able to capture this and then found a way to incorporate it into the sound schedule. This now means that the generator sound does not simply come on when the headlight is turned on. You must now start the generator (like the real loco) and then switch the head light on. I have tried to show this in the video however the random compressor noise interrupts a little.

I was also able to include sounds for the power reverser. When you change direction, the power reverser sound now plays. Hopefully it will suit the 38 project also?

I have included a video. The project uses the same throttle type control set up that I have explained previously. I have had a good time building this project, now all I need to do is paint a couple of my 36 class models!

Still on the sound front, I intend on recording an XPT in a few weeks. I have a great sound schedule ready and all I need now are the sound files. Regarding XPTs, I have to say that the Auscision model is very nice. I am looking forward to fitting sound to my set and adding a few bits and pieces to the coaches.

I am heading to Liverpool this Saturday, hopefully I will see some of you there.




  1. The power reverse on a 36 came off 38's, so would probably sound the same. Be aware that only some 7 36's had power reverse, and then only right at the death. 3638 was the first fitted, in February 1968. Others included 3642, 3644, 3651, 3652 and 3654. So for most 36's you need to be able to isolate the power reverser sounds.

  2. Two types of air assisted reversors were used on the 36cl, they came of both streamlined & non streamlined types, the only differences was in the way the reversor rod from the screw entered the cab (on the 38's) & IIRC the streamlined ones had a metal sheet over the main casting. There was one that was supposed to have had a reversor from a 57cl found at Chullora, meaning that recording can also be used in the big engine sound file.

    Linton, that is your best project yet, congrats just wish they were in the cheaper decoder instead.

    Did you get the pump recording from start up? That is an ideal one & should be included as a start up sound when you select the loco in much the same way as certain sounds come on with a diesel. It may need to be abbreviated but the start up sounds from cold just has the has the mechanical sound of the pumps piston but also water discharge from the pressure before the steam sounds start.

    I will be at Liverpool as usual on the Saturday as the rest of the WE is taken up.

  3. Hi Linton,

    Wow, that sounds fantastic, and comes as quite a coincidence. Yesterday as I was driving to Blacktown I was thinking "do I stop into MRRC to order a LokSound V4 decoder for my DJH 36 or do I wait until after Liverpool?" I waited, but after listening to your efforts above I will definitely be getting a decoder by the end of the month. Would you be willing to share the sound files for my 36 as well?



  4. Hi Linton, you're doing great work with sound, I would be very interested in your sound files for my XPT even though my time period is mid sixties I got a Countrylink XPT and want to put sound in it. See you at Liverpool Geoff