Sunday, January 31, 2016

Andian Models LWW


Just  quick post while I wait for a decoder to load.

My LWW is one of those projects that has been hanging around for years. I found it a challenging little kit, however it all went together ok.

One of the main reasons for the delay has been me figuring out how to mount the couplers and also how to add the brake detail. I had a few photos of the brake gear sent to me but it has taken me ages to figure out what I was going to build it out of.

Anyway, I turned up the air reservoir tanks on the lathe and modified bits and pieces I had laying around for the brake cylinder and triple valve. All in all it came out ok.

The couplers are the Sergent variety, mounted on a threaded brass spigot with a 10ba screw.

The brake shoes are Ian Lindsay castings, I do need to tidy these up a bit as the photos show some unevenness.

The timber platform was made by laminating timber to brass, milling the ends so it sits at the correct level and weathering.

Still to go is a general tidy up, adding the rest of the hand brake/ brake detail, painting and then just maybe, just maybe it will be finished! Finally!

Thanks for looking,



  1. Towelly, looks like a nice little project you got going there mate, do you like the look and performance of the sergent couplers ?? I have been using them for a while now and find them extremely protypical, perform well and are the icing on the cake as far as I am concerned on a model that one has literally slaved over for long periods of time. I like the way you have mounted the coupler, spring held in place with flat washer. I have had a fair bit of luck with Kadee universal coupler boxes, sergent slips straight into the box with enough clearance to allow for operation, as you know a lot of manufacturers didn't like sergents so were not going to make their products adaptable for other uses, anyway each to their own, I like em !!!

  2. Nice Work Linton. Are you going to have it loaded or run it empty?