Monday, January 9, 2017

Half Baked Garratt


I hope everybody's New Year started well.

I have not made as much progress with my Garratt as I would have liked. The front engine unit is painted and re-assembled, and it actually runs nicely. I was a little nervous as I had completely dismantled it. The plunger pickups seem to be working nicely.

The real reason for the lack in progress has come about due to sound file testing. The AD60 slipping sound file has really had me thinking. The slipping method was quite easy to achieve. In contrast the engine units re-syncing (speed wise) with each other as proven to be very difficult to get right. I am getting there and the project is fairly easy to control now.

I have included two short videos, taken on my phone. Quality is not so good, sorry!

The locomotive is made up of two Garratt models. The front engine unit is freshly painted, the unpainted boiler section is from my second model as I don't want to handle the freshly painted boiler unit. The rear engine unit is about to be stripped of its old paint.

The decoders and speakers are just sitting there for testing purposes. This will be installed in the boiler section, mounted on a machined Delrin mount.

The front engine unit will slip. This happens with a large increase in throttle position. The locomotive is running at approximately speed step 6-8. The throttle is rapidly increased up to around speed step 18. The locomotive slips and the throttle is closed to arrest the slip. After the throttle has been closed, it is slowly opened once again and the model accelerates.

There is still some work to go in regards to the project but thought some may find it interesting at this early stage. Before anybody tells me, I know the chuff timing is not right. This will be sorted once finished ha ha.

Thanks for looking,



  1. Linton

    It looks like it is coming along very nicely.

    Ray P

  2. I agree with Ray.......looking very good
    Mark Stafford

  3. You,re off your chops Linton, but I love it.......

  4. Hi Linton, coming to terms with template, Esu coding, sound recording without clipping the hell out of your recording and working out a new fresh enovative way to have the sound controlled......I have to say.....I am impressed. Want to become my mentor.

    Mark Stafford.