Monday, July 16, 2018

It's been a while!

Hi There,

Its been a while since even looking at this blog, even longer since updating! Nothing much has changed though. I am still just plodding along building the occasional sound project, have started a David Peterson 12 Class kit and am dabbling in anything that takes my interest really.

I actually kind of miss the old blog. Facebook modelling/prototype pages make me more frustrated than inspired so I have distanced my self from it all, bar two groups.

I am not sure what is going on with the hobby? It seems like a massively glutenous type affair these days, where people want it at any cost - this also includes paying for others skills. I am sure this has been the case forever, however I don't remember meeting so many people that can't be bothered learning some of the basic skills that make the hobby fun. Yes, everyone takes something different from the hobby, whether its brilliant layout building or simply collecting models. What I find most frustrating is that there doesn't seem to be too much individualism these days, both in ideas and execution. Anyway, that's enough of that rubbish - time to get of the soap box.

Over the last year I have been trying to landscape our new house, study for and jump through a million hurdles to become a military pilot (still in progress) and have now scored a new job with the NSW Air Ambulance. Leaving POLAIR will be sad as it was one of my career goals to get there. On to new things they say!

Fish River:

I have made a very small dent in building track for Fish River. There are only five points and three catch points to build, but in my typical meandering style, it will probably take 20 years to finish!

The track plan and NSWGR point templates are drawn to HO-SF using a program called Templot. I really do like Templot as you can design everything very accurately and prototypically. 

A Place to Work:

You may have also noticed my new modelling desk. This also took me forever to build up in the shed but now that it's installed in the house, I love it. Due to work place mess restrictions being placed on me by the household boss (a condition of having the study), I built a removeable timber section that hides a test track. 

7mm Bug:

I have been tempted by 7mm modelling for a while now, probably sparked by seeing David Petersons models at an Early Days seminar years ago. For me, 7mm offers a couple of clear advantages. One is the ability to use higher performing speakers such as Tang Band T1 units due to having more space. These speakers sound very good, a huge improvement over any other speaker I have heard. The second thing I like about 7mm is that it's more an engineering scale. Thirdly, S7 wheels and other parts are available from the UK. This really appeals to me as I grew up on the English MRJ. The scale has so much potential for scale modelling and for someone starting from scratch in the scale, this is a major goal and attraction.

While just dabbling in S7 at this point, my intentions are to use this standard. I am not on here professing to be an S7 modeller however I will give it a shot. If I can't achieve this standard, I probably wont pursue the scale too much further.

I started an S truck kit and used Bill Bedford etched sprung W Irons. These have worked very nicely with slaters S7 wheels. I have not progressed this kit any further at this stage as I need to scratch build the underframe. Many of the parts supplied in the kit are way too coarse. The supplied C channel sections are way to coarse with the flange scaling out at 40+ mm. I figure if I am going to all the trouble to put close to scale wheels on the model, I can't skimp on other parts of the kit. New underframe it is!

Now onto the 12 Class kit - this thing is magnificent. I have only semi completed the chassis so far but have loved every step. The kit is extremely well thought out and the nickel silver is very nice to work with. I have some wheels on the way and have decided to try and fit working valve gear. I contacted Martin Finney kits in the UK and the suggested I try their Adams loco working valve gear kit. The valve gear kit turned up in the mail a week ago and I am now busy building a couple of new frame spacers so as to accommodate the valve rods. The Adams valve gear is very close to that of the 12 Class. I quick trip to the Power House museum was useful for detailed photographs. I think Danielle avoided me the whole time out of embarrassment as I was 'that weird guy' crawling around underneath 1243, trying my hardest to get good enough detail shots.

S7, C36 Class Wheel on Left

I have made a few little mods so far, like turning up a new air reservoir and valve gear but I am following the instructions to a tee. The bending of the cylinder covers was done 100% to David's instruction and they came out exact. I love the kit but am a little nervous about the smokebox, firebox and footplate bending. One step at a time I guess.

Well that's about it for now. I am going to do a few videos to explain my latest diesel sound template so will add to the blog soon.




  1. Lovely desk Linton. No 7mm for me, too much to finish as it is.

    Ray P

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thanks Ray. Exactly my thoughts too regarding 7mm. If I was starting from scratch, I would probably model English S7